How to get Twitch Drops and Early Access for Back 4 Blood

Everyone loves free stuff.

Image via Turtle Rock Studios

With Back 4 Blood set to release on October 12, developer Turtle Rock has plans for a number of betas that will take place during August. Whilst one of these betas will be open to all comers, another will be closed, and you will need to get lucky or commit to the game to get in.

If you want to try and get access to the closed beta, you can do so by tuning in to a variety of streamers that will be playing the game on Twitch. There, as Twitch Drops, you can get access. You will need to ensure that Twitch Drops are activated, so follow the below steps to set them up:

  • Make your way over to the Back 4 Blood Twitch drops page
  • Set up a free Warner Bros. Games account
  • Connect your Twitch account to your Warner Bros. Games account. To do this, go to the profile in your Warner Bros. Games account, then go to “Account Settings” and click “connect” to complete the Twitch linking.
  • Watch a Twitch streamer playing Back 4 Blood content with drops enabled for 60 minutes to earn early access to the Open Beta between 8/5 12:00 PM PST and 8/9 12:00 PM PST.
  • Claim the drop from your Twitch Drops page
  • You can then pick your platform in your Warner Bros. Games account

You can also pre-order Back 4 Blood on your platform of choice, getting early access to the open beta, or you can make your way to the Back 4 Blood beta page to register for a chance to win early access to it instead, without the need to pre-order.

Early access to the beta will be from August 5 until August 9, noon PST on both days. The open beta will run from August 12 to August 16, noon PST on both days.