How To Get & Use Yohimbe Bark in Lioden

Yohimbe Bark is the key to breeding Tigons and Leopons in Lioden, but the rare item can only be obtained once a year during Aphrodisia.

How to Get Yohimbe Bark Lioden

Image via Lioden

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Breeding is key when playing Lioden, the online lion breeding game that can be accessed for free in any web browser. Fans seeking to obtain the rarest hybrids, or breed out their existing special pride members, will need Yohimbe Bark and it isn’t easy to come by.

Breeding items are essential in Lioden, and the majority are obtained only in February unless players are willing to pay up the GB required to purchase them from the Crossroads. However, there are a few steps that will have to be completed before Yohimbe is available to purchase in the monthly event shop.

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How to Buy Yohimbe Bark in Lioden

Players can purchase Yohimbe Bark for 30 Heart Shells after unlocking Tier 3 of the Flirt Shop. This is done by the community as they flirt with other lions in the event tab successfully.

To flirt, Lioden players will select the “Event” tab and the “Aphrodisia” option in the main banner. From here, they will flirt with random lionesses from other prides, or attempt to slap lions flirting with their lionesses.

Flirting can be repeated every 15 minutes, with each successful attempt yielding a few Heart Shells. In our experience, this amount ranges between 1-5 Heart Shells. Additionally, slaps can be delivered whenever a notification appears that a lion is attempting to flirt with a player’s lioness.

How to Use Yohimbe Bark in Lioden

Yohimbe description Lioden
Image via Lioden

Yohimbe Bark in Lioden is used to shortened the breeding cooldown of a lioness by one day for each bark used. This is an essential item for those breeding Tigons or Leopons, as it does not impact the age of the Lioness.

In Lioden, all Lionesses have a set cooldown period of 20 days. Because Lionesses don’t live forever and have a limited breeding window, this impacts how frequently each lioness can be bred. Naturally occurring “first generation” hybrid mutations including Tigons and Leopons are rare, and while the mutation can pass on via breeding to offspring, the chances are very low. This makes every additional litter of cubs critical to breeding projects.

To skip a heat cooldown entirely, players will need 20 Yohimbe Bark, which will cost 600 Heart Shells collected via the Slap and Flirt event, and encounters while in Explore. Because of this, some players choose to wait for half the cooldown to elapse, and then apply barks to the second half.

Additionally, Yohimbe Bark isn’t the only item the February Lioden event holds. Rare base applicators, other breeding items, and marking applicators will quickly eat up heart shells. Because of this, players will need to consider how they budget their event currently carefully – or they may end up broke before they’ve bought everything they need to get through the rest of the year.