How to get Winning Formula in Hot Wheels Unleashed

Hot Wheels meets F1.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Winning Formula is the only car in Hot Wheels Unleashed that looks like it’s been pulled from the F1 racing season. This car is the high-speed F1 vehicle of your dreams, just a little bit smaller and easier to use. This guide will cover how you can get Winning Formula and start racing with it yourself.

How to get Winning Formula

Winning Formula is only obtainable through Blind Boxes or the in-game shop. We found it after opening around 30 Blind Boxes. In that time, we managed to complete almost the entire campaign, and we were buying Blind Boxes with cash from selling cars while we did that.

To purchase Winning Formula from the shop, you’d need to wait until your shop stock resets and the car is available. The shop only resets every four hours of in-game time, so you’ll have to keep checking back every four hours to see if it’s there yet. We didn’t purchase our Winning Formula from the shop, so we don’t know precisely how much it will cost. However, based on the cost of cars with similar stats, it will likely set you back around 1,200 Coins.

Winning Formula has the best handling in the game, but all the other stats are below the top rank. The version we picked up was Common, and this could be upgraded to have slightly better stats. However, cars like Bad to the Blade and the 2020 Koenigsegg Jesko are better out of the box.