How to get your 2021 year recap on Twitch

Remind yourself of the hours spent watching.

The end of the year is the time when all the media companies we indulge in like to tell us exactly how many hours we spent engaging with them, and Twitch is no different. The end-of-year recaps are now available, so viewers can see who they really spent a lot of time with this year.

Twitch has sent out a Tweet to let people know that the end-of-year recaps will be on their way soon, and you can ensure you get yours this week. You will need to ensure some settings have been tweaked on your account, however.

Make your way into the Settings section of your Twitch account by clicking on your Avatar in the top right corner, then going to the Settings section beside the small cog icon. Go to the Notifications tab which is the third last tab on the list.

From there, open the By Email section and make sure that you have the one labeled “Marketing” ticket You can find it right at the end of all the options in that section. And that’s it, you are all set up to get your 2021 Twitch yearly recap.

When they are ready to send them out, Twitch will send you all your viewing information for the year so you will know what you have been doing with your time.