How to get Zeraora in Pokémon Unite

A new Pokémon available right out of the gate.

Image via Nintendo

Pokémon Unite will give you a chance to choose your favorite Pokémon to use against other players in a five versus five MOBA multiplayer game. There are a handful of Pokémon to pick from that fit a particular role, and many of them are available to everyone. However, Zeraora will be the first exclusive Pokémon players can obtain, and there’s a certain way to unlock it. In this guide, we will break down the details of how to get Zeraora in Pokémon Unite.

All you have to do to add Zeraora to your collection of Pokémon choices is to log into the game before August 31. Pokémon Unite is a MOBA multiplayer game available first on the Nintendo Switch and then on mobile devices. The game launches to the Nintendo Switch on July 21, giving players a little over a month to prepare for it. It’s free to play, so everyone who owns a Nintendo Switch will access the game and download it from the Nintendo Store.

The release date for Pokémon Unite works a little bit differently for mobile players, and the same goes for Zeraora. Pokémon Unite will not be launching until sometime in September for mobile players, which means Zeraora will likely be available around launch time, and players should be able to grab it for a little over a month.

So long as you log into Pokémon Unite before August 31 on the Nintendo Switch, Zeraora will be added to your roster.