How to grind stones in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Gather up stones to complete your pending projects.

Resources in Animal Crossing: New Horizons are critical in the game. You need them to construct several DIY projects and complete buildings all over your island. An essential item you want to become familiar with and work toward regularly obtaining are stones. They’re a reasonably simple resource you can acquire in the game.

You obtain stones by smashing a shovel or an axe against any of the large boulders you find on your island. You can craft the shovel after you receive the DIY recipe from Blathers after they arrive at the island. The axe is one of the first DIY recipes you receive from Tom Nook, and you can freely use either item to smash up against a boulder to have them drop out. The same goes for obtaining iron nuggets.

However, the boulders are on your island are finite. They only produce resources once a day, meaning for those who regularly play the game, they need to visit other islands in the surrounding area. You can do this by purchasing a Mystery Tour ticket, which you can purchase for 2,000 miles once you have the Nook Miles+ upgrade from the Nook Stop. You want to travel to other islands to acquire as many useful resources as possible.

Your island is good for exhausting all of the useful resources, but you don’t want to remain there. You need to try exploring other locations and expanding out from your home.