How to heal villagers in Going Medieval

Make the pain go away.

It’s not easy living off the land and building a settlement from the ground up in Going Medieval. There are plenty of dangers facing your villagers beyond starvation and struggling to build a roof over their heads. You need to also worry about raiders and wild animals attack that force you to protect your land. No matter how good your villagers are, there’s always the chance that they’re going to take damage, or they’re going to survive an injury. There are a few good ways to make sure they get the healing they deserve and to make sure they stay in a bed rather than work through the pain.

Whenever a villager needs any form of healing, you want to go over to the ‘jobs’ tab on the upper left portion of your screen and click to make the ‘tend’ and ‘convalesce’ tasks are always set to task priority ‘1’. This way, a villager’s highest priority will be to tend to other villagers or spend time laying in bed healing their wounds. A villager with a ‘1’ priority for ‘convalesce’ will always choose to spend time sleeping, healing their wounds over time, rather than performing manual labor tasks. Once all of their wounds are healed up, they no longer need to rest, and they’ll go out to complete their other tasks.

Alternatively, whenever a villager is hurt, you want to make sure you have educated villagers in Medicine to have ‘tend’ set to priority ‘1’. A villager with this set as their highest priority will go out of their way to tend a villager’s wounds, even if they don’t have any healing kits. While healing kits are much more potent than standard healing, any villager who knows medicine can gradually mend another’s wounds.

You can always investigate a villager’s wounds by clicking on them and going to the ‘plus’ tab. You’ll receive a detailed breakdown of the villager’s health points, the amount of blood in their system, if they’re conscious, the amount of pain they’re enduring, how full they are, and their types of wounds. Each type of wound has a different negative effect, which you can read by hovering over the text.

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When you’ve gained enough research, you’ll be able to learn about Chemistry. You can reach this by going from Architecture to Agriculture, Preserving Food, and then Cooking. Chemistry requires 30 Chronicles, 15 Textbooks, and 15 Thesis, which means you need to unlock Research III and build an Advanced Research Table before learning about Chemistry.