How to heal while Sprite is active in the Dark Souls: Nightfall Demo

Unleash your inner power.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Sprite is a new mechanic that changes how Dark Souls is played. With it active, you dodge faster, attack faster, and regenerate stamina at a blinding speed. Despite all of that power, you cannot use your Umbrus Effigy to heal while Sprite is active. Thankfully, there are ways around that. Here is how you can heal while Sprite is active in the Dark Souls: Nightfall Demo.

Screenshot by Gamepur

There are a total of three ways you can heal while Sprite is active. The first is to start attacking some enemies. This doesn’t work all the time, however. When you take damage, you will see part of your health bar turns yellow before draining to where the red portion is. During this window, whenever you damage an enemy, you will regain a part of your health. You only have a short window to regain your health so make sure you attack enemies fast or that health will be lost.

The second way you can restore your health is by consuming Red Blossoms. One of these can be found at the beginning of the demo before you walk up the tree root to the Blistering Demon boss fight. Go behind the tree roots to find a Red Blossom. This item will health you over time and is more effective the lower your health is. The final way you can heal is by resting at Wellsprings. These bonfire-like stand-ins have the same effect that bonfires do and health you to full health whenever you rest at them.