What does Gwyn’s Pendant do in the Dark Souls: Nightfall Demo?

Rewind time for some added benefits.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Nightfall mod for Dark Souls may only be a demo, but there are still plenty of new items to discover. One of the new items is Gwyn’s Pendant. Since the mod begins after you have killed Gwyn, you receive his pendant at the start of the game. This powerful artifact states that it can “revert time back to the moment it was sealed.” Here is what Gwyn’s Pendant does in the Dark Souls: Nightfall Demo.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Gwyn’s Pendant does exactly what it states. It rewinds time back to the beginning of the demo. You go back to the start of the game and everything goes back to how it was when you started. You do, however, get to start over with all of the items you have acquired. Every item that you picked up will still be in your inventory and all the items you have equipped will be the same. You can pick up these items again as well.

The other added bonus of using Gwyn’s Pendant is that you keep all of the levels that you obtained while playing through the demo. If you managed to gather enough souls to reach level 20, you will remain at that level. Unfortunately, the enemies don’t increase in level alongside you. If you are looking for a challenge, you won’t find it by using this pendant. You can reuse the pendant as many times as you like to replay the mod with every class’ gear.