How to heal your posse members in Hard West 2

Stay in good health.

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There is no doubt that healing is essential in any game that you play, but it is crucial when your characters have a chance of dying. In Hard West 2, the health of your posse is important. You may start the game with full health, but if you don’t heal, your posse members will quickly fall in battle. Luckily, you don’t need to worry about them dying. They will simply fall unconscious and wake up with a good amount of anger in their hearts.

Posse members healing, explained

During a battle, your posse members are bound to get hurt. There is practically no avoiding it. Luckily, there are ways to get them back up to fighting conditions. If your posse members end up getting hurt during battle, they will be at whatever health they had remaining when you enter the open world. If any of them fall unconscious, they will return after the battle with one health which isn’t enough to survive any hits.

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To heal your posse members, you will need to visit a surgeon. Surgeons will appear on the map, typically around towns. You will find the first one next to Boomtown. Interact with the Surgeon’s Office, and you will meet the surgeon inside before being told how much it will be to restore everyone’s health.

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If you happen to be afraid of the doctor, there are other ways to heal your character. If you find yourself with some provisions, you can rest at a camp, and it will heal your posse members. You can also heal them during battle if they have a healing item like beans in their inventory. Keep in mind that healing items like this aren’t as potent as the healing hands of a surgeon.