How to hide Mudokens in lockers in Oddworld: Soulstorm

This is my crying spot.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The further you get into Oddworld: Soulstorm, the more dangerous situations you will encounter with Abe and his Mudoken friends. As your journey begins to get more complicated, there will be even more hazards to deal with beyond Sligs. When you have the fragile Mudokens following you, it falls on you to protect them. Here is how to hide Mudoken followers in lockers.

As you gather Mudokens and traverse through levels, you will eventually come across situations that you cannot run or sneak past enemies without alerting enemies. If there are lockers in this area, approach one, and double tap Square. Abe will jump into a locker, and the followers will do so as well. When everyone is in, enemies will not see them, and sensors will not set off any alarms. To jump out, press Square again.

There are a couple of important things we noted in our time with interacting with lockers. Enemies can see you and your followers go into a locker, and you will still be safe. Just wait for the heat meter to go down before you jump out.

We also ran into some situations where the Mudokens would stand in front of the lockers and not jump in. In these situations, if a Slig sees them, they will tie them up from a distance or knock them out if too close.

Screenshot by Gamepur

They only fire bullets if they see Abe, so if you think there is a chance to untie your companion, don’t jump out of your hiding spot. All you need to do is hold Square over them to release them.