How to increase world tier in Outriders

The harder the tier, the better the loot.

Image via People Can Fly

Progressing through Outriders means you’ll be taking on hordes of enemies and completing plenty of missions and side missions along the way. Each enemy you down brings you a step closer to another piece of loot that could give you a beneficial power boost or unlock a brand new weapon or gear mod to add to your library. A big way to increase the chances of obtaining some of the best loot in Outriders is by increasing your world tier, but it’s not exactly clear how this is happening.

The current world tier you’re battling is located at the top of the screen. It will say what level it is underneath your character’s level. Each time you down an enemy, that yellow bar slowly begins to grow, just like your character’s experience points. When it fills up, you unlock the next world tier, making all of the enemies and encounters much harder to take down. The upside is it increases the chances of obtaining better loot, adding another legendary weapon or armor piece to your collection.

You might notice that this bar slowly begins to go down as you progress through the game. Unlike experience points, your world tier level can go down you when you die enough times. If you’re on world tier 7, you will not drop down to world tier 6. However, if the progress bar for world tier 7 is halfway filled and you die a few times, you’ll notice that the bar will slowly begin to go down. The more deaths you have, the more time you have to spend in your current world tier before progressing forward.

The only way to increase your world tier level is to eliminate enemies and survive those encounters consistently. The fewer deaths you have, the more your world tier increases until you make it to the next level. If you find yourself dying multiple times, we recommend completing an alternative side mission to see if you can loot a better weapon or mod that will help you.