How to increase your inventory size in Ooblets

More Gummies, more problems.


Living the life of a farm in Ooblets isn’t always easy. You need to smash rocks, and judo chop wood, till the ground and water plants. When you start the game, your inventory is quite small and one of the first things you will want to do is increase how many things you can carry.

Rumble Rush on Switch

The good news is that there is a shop in the nearby village that will sell exactly what you need. Make your way to the Kibbonbon shop, pictured above, and you will be able to purchase a new item called the Basic Bum Bag. This will be glowing a nice golden color in the shop, specific to let you know it is a very useful item that the devs expect will make your life a bit easier.

The Basic Bum Bag will cost 250 Gummies, which is a lot of money when you are first playing the game, so you will just need to get used to having a small inventory for a while. To earn a lot of Gummies quickly, you can bring Ooblets to the Lernery in the northeast corner of the village. Here, Rugnolia will scan in any new Ooblets that you bring her and will give you 50 Gummies in return.

When you finally have 250 Gummies, you can head back to Kibbonbon and get the Basic Bum Bag. Because we have just started playing the game, we are unsure if this is the only option in it right now to expand your Inventory, but as soon as we learn more we will update this article as needed.