How to insert USB drives to hack the mainframe in Kill It With Fire – All 8 USB drive locations

Spiders are bugs in the mainframe.

Kill It With Fire

Screengrab via tinyBuild

Taking control of a network of computers can cause havoc. Everyone knows that the way you hack into a computer mainframe is not by inserting a number of USBs into it, but as Kill It Fire wants to keep away from hacking your way into actual IT servers, plugging in lots of USBs seems the most appropriate alternative.

This is the subject of the Hack The Mainframe objective. This objective is on the Paper Trail level, and in the IT room, which requires 10 spider kills to access. It asks you to insert eight USB sticks into the mainframe and is as easy as picking them up and pressing the left mouse button or E when hovering in the correct location. That said, some of the USB sticks are tucked away sneakily. So we’re here to help you find them. 

Here is the location of all of the eight USB Sticks:

  1. On top of the computer tower next to the desk
  2. On the chair that accompanies the desk
  3. In the grey trash can next to the set of shelves beside the mainframe rack
  4. On the left side of the set of shelves, on the second row from the top
  5. On the middle row of the blue trolley that you see as you walk into the room
  6. Behind the framed picture of a man holding a slice of pizza on the desk
  7. Behind the right monitor on the desk, close to the stand
  8. Behind the framed picture of a woman and a cat on the shelf above the desk

Once you have inserted all of the USB sticks, it will then trigger the objective for you.