How to level up fast in Marvel Future Revolution

Tired of the slow leveling progression?

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Leveling up can be a hassle in Marvel Future Revolution, especially during the game’s later stages. Gaining XP becomes very tedious, and it can take hours to increase even a single level. Furthermore, the game doesn’t tell beforehand the different methods that can be used for quickly leveling up so here is a guide explaining how to do so.

Complete the Story Quests

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As basic as it may sound, running through the story quests is one of the best and consistent ways of gaining XP. Since the game is an MMO, the storyline is huge and will keep you occupied for an extended period. Each time you clear a quest in the story, it will yield XP, which will help you level up in the game.

Sidequests and Collectibles

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Much like the main story quests, there are sidequests available in the game. A green exclamation mark represents these side quests on the map, and players can head there to complete the task. That said, these side quests reward very low XP if you attempt them at the initial stages of the game as the rewards scale with your level. Hence, it is recommended to attempt the side quests only during the later stages of your journey.

Collectibles are essentially loot-boxes that are scattered through the universe in the game. A blue square symbol represents these on the map, and you just have to interact with it to claim the reward. Apart from handing out random rewards, Collectibles also grant XP.

Blitz Battle and Special Operations

Both Blitz Battle and Special Operations are enormous avenues for earning XP. While in Blitz Battle, your goal is to take down a specific boss, Special Operations is essentially a survival mode. Completing either of the modes will net players a massive chunk of XP that can fasten your leveling progression. Keep in mind you can only attempt the Blitz Battle thrice (per boss) and Special operations once per day.