How to level up your shark in Maneater

A time to kill.


In Maneater, you play as a young shark who is seeking revenge against Scaly Pete, the fisherman who killed your mother. If you want to take Pete down, you will need to grow big and strong.

Leveling up your shark will also increase their age, size, and abilities, so knowing how to level up is an important part of the game.

#1 Killing and eating

The easiest way to level up is to attack and eat other animals. The sea and the swamps are swarming with different animals for you to eat, although some make tougher targets than others. Each creature has a level, and so do you. Taking on a level 1 Grouper is very different from taking on a level 8 alligator, so make sure you are attacking appropriate targets.

#2 Evo Crates

Evo Crate

Scattered all around the game, EVO crates are filled with protein and fat-rich foods that will give you a big burst of experience when you eat them. Use your Radar to track them down, then smash or bite them open to get at the sweet experience inside.

#3 Finishing missions

Just playing through the campaign, finishing up missions, and following the narrative will also give you plenty of experience. Each time you finish a mission, you can expect a large jump on your experience bar.

#4 Finding landmarks


Each area is filled with landmarks. The landmarks can be seen in the game as sunken signposts, and you can smash them or eat them to official find the landmark. Doing so will get you a big chunk of experience.

#5 License Plates

License plates can also be found strewn around each level, and if you manage to collect one you will get a small amount of experience. When it comes to leveling up your shark quickly, every little helps.