How to link a Ubisoft account to Twitch Prime

You can get plenty of in-game extras through this.

Image via Ubisoft

Prime Gaming, formerly known as Twitch Prime, enables Amazon Prime subscribers to receive all sorts of games, in-game bundles, and other digital rewards at no additional cost. Ubisoft is one publisher that regularly allies with Amazon to provide in-game extras via this service. Before you can claim these, however, you’ll have to link your Ubisoft account to your Prime Gaming account.

To link your Ubisoft account, first head over to Prime Gaming’s website and log in to your Amazon account. Then, select any rewards for a game published by Ubisoft, after which you’ll be prompted to link your Ubisoft account. Follow the prompts, and you’ll then be taken to Ubisoft’s website, where you’ll click on a button labeled “Link.” From here, log in using your Ubisoft account details.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After logging in with both your Amazon and Ubisoft accounts, you should end up at a screen congratulating you on linking the two accounts. However, there is one more step after this. Click “Confirm my account” to finish linking your two accounts. You should also be taken back to the webpage of the item you were trying to claim upon completing this process.

Now that both accounts are linked, you can claim Prime Gaming’s Ubisoft offerings at your leisure. Currently, the service offers various in-game extras for titles like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Rainbow Six Siege, and Far Cry 6 that typically consist of exclusive in-game loot.