How to find and use Gimmicks in Scarlet Nexus

Environmental issues.

In Scarlet Nexus, the environment is extremely important. Players can use their psychokinesis to interact with it, pulling up pieces of terrain and using them to attack enemies. You can also interact with environmental components called gimmicks, and use them to your advantage.

Gimmicks will be marked on the map with a small triangle symbol that is surrounded by another inverted triangle. They can come in many different shapes and sizes, and will often need a power drawn from a teammate to interact with them.

An early example that you will run into in the campaign is fences that you can dash through if you have the right party member with you. As long as Luka Travers is in your party, you can borrow his Teleport ability, which will fundamentally change how your dash works.

While the Teleport steal is active, your dash becomes a teleport instead, and you will be able to phase through objects around you, including fences. All you need to do is hold R1, then hit the button that Luka Travers’ teleport is mapped to, then hit Circle on PlayStation controllers or Square on Xbox controllers to dash.

Another example are large hooks that can hang over certain areas of the map that you can grab with your psychokinesis and then use to attack your enemies, inflicting serious damage against them. The real trick to the Gimmicks is figuring out exactly how you need to interact with each one to take advantage of it.