How to locate and use the Water Pistol in MGS V: The Phantom Pain

 How to locate and use the Water Pistol in MGS V: The Phantom Pain

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The Water Pistol is a kind of a funny weapon used in the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. This will let you know all the uses of the Water Gun and how to get one. Although it is a funny weapon but, it has some many benefit which can improve you gameplay when you’re out of ammo or in a Stealthy approach of a mission in the MGS V: The Phantom Pain.

MGS V: The Phantom Pain

How to get a Water Pistol

After completing Main Mission 18, you get the key item for unlocking the Water Pistol. A decent level of R&D team and GMP required to built one. The Water Pistol is upgradable(higher effective range stat) and the max upgrade requires R&D Team level 52.

Where to use the Water Gun

Holding Up:

If you hold up the Water Pistol against the enemy soldier just like the other weapon in the game. This doesn’t lose the ability of incapacitating enemies. Check out the picture below for the use.


Try shooting near any enemy soldier to distract them with the sound. This buys some of their time to investigate it without getting alerted as they do not consider this noise as an attack.

Fire Extinguisher:

You can even shoot at the torches and fire pits to extinguish them making it darker environment.

Stun Effect:

Shoot directly on the enemy’s face to stun them for that moment(3-4 seconds). If You’re fast enough you can use it to stop the alert. Mostly used when CQC have been too slow.


Definitely works as the electronic disabler. Works Best on Communications Equipment (the Radar Dishes), Radio Transmitters, and the Power Supply the way of crippling the enemy. Just One shot and it’s done.

Comparing with other Pistol options

With Wu Pistol


  • Cheaper GMP and the upgrades
  • Always silent until Wu Pistol gets the built in suppressor
  • Infinite ammo
  • Take out electronics and fires silently in one shot
  • Stun enemies when shot directly in the face
  • Make noise when shot near enemies without alerting them
  • Perform hold ups


  • Unable to put targets to sleep
  • Doesn’t have as much in combat potential
  • Less range
  • Zero customization

With Lethal Pistols/SMGs


  • Stop alerts without killing or injury
  • when shot near enemies it doesn’t count as an attack
  • Perform hold ups


  • Less combat effectiveness
  • Less range
  • Zero customization
  • Less flexible

With Stun Pistols/SMGs

Same as Lethal Pistols/SMGs except one difference, it can stop alerts without injury or killing.