How to lock onto targets in The Falconeer

Track your foes to make your shots hit home.

How to lock onto targets in The Falconeer
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The Falconeer’s dogfighting sequences can be tricky to navigate at first. A lot is going on, and you might get a bit overwhelmed with the number of enemies on screen.

That is where the lock-on targeting system comes into play. It helps you track a single target, where your bullets are landing, and how much health they have left.

To lock onto a target, you will need to find an enemy first. You can often spot them in the distance, and any foe in range becomes outlined by four orange-colored triangles. Tap the X button on your Xbox One controller to replace those triangles with an orange-colored reticle.

If you are locked on, three items will appear on your reticle HUD. You will see the main reticle that we have already mentioned, a smaller white-colored circle, and a white crosshair. The white crosshair denotes the direction you are firing, and the white-colored circle is where you need to aim for your shots to land. Line up your crosshair with this white circle, and you will hit your mark every time.

If you are locked onto an enemy, they will try to evade your fire. If you lose them, press and hold the B button to activate your target tracking system. This allows you to see where your target is, and it will help you maneuver quickly to line up your next shot. It is best to hold down the B button against trickier customers, such as other falconeers or razorbeetles, to keep tabs on them during intense battles.

The tracking system is also handy to work out when to drop a bomb on water-based enemies, such as pirate ships. This works in the same way as aerial enemies, but you will need to drop a bomb or mine sooner than you think to hit your target. In this case, use the white circle as a guide and drop your bomb or mine when the white circle is over your target. If you wait to line up the crosshair with the circle, you will miss.