How do loot drops work in Minecraft Dungeons?

Looting time.

Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons is all about getting that sweet loot. As you play through the game, loot will drop from mobs and monsters, chests and bosses. If you are playing with friends, it can be a bit confusing when it comes to who can get what loot, so in this article we will run through the various types of loot, and how they drop in the game.

#1 Consumables

Consumables like potions, food, and arrows can all drop from multiple sources. These are not instanced, which means that they do not fall for individual players. They are a shared resource, so you should think carefully about who picks up the various consumables that drop.

Drops from Supply chests work a little differently. When you find a chest, each player can open the chest once, but the drops will be available for anyone who needs them.

#2 Armor and Weapons

Armor and weapons drop for individual players. If two players are in the same game, player A can get loot drops that player B won’t be able to see. For example, a piece of armor or a weapon can drop for one player, and the other player will not be able to see it, or pick it up. This is good, as it means no fighting over loot between parties.

#3 Gems

Gems are the main currency in Minecraft Dungeons. You use them to buy items from NPCs like the Blacksmith. The Gems that fall from enemies and urns in the game are instanced, and you will need to pick them up for yourself. As in the example above, if player A picks up Gems, they will not be picked up for player B. As such, it is a good idea to let your friends know when you find Gems so they can come over and pick them up.

Basically, everything except consumables will be instanced, so it will drop for individual players without affecting other players. When it comes to consumables, you just need to be careful about who take what, as there is no point eating food if you have full health, but someone in the party is nearly dead.