How to make a plant in Little Alchemy 2

Humble beginnings.

Little Alchemy 2 is all about combining several elements to create products and attempting to reach the outcome for each of your starting choices. You begin with only a handful of starting elements before finding yourself creating seas, oceans, forests, and continents. It would be best if you started small, though. A starting product you want to work towards creating is a plant. In this guide, we will break down the many ways you can make a plant in Little Alchemy 2.

How to make Plant

There are 10 ways you can create a plant in Little Alchemy 2, and these are all of the combinations you can make.

  • Algae and Land
  • Earth and Algae
  • Earth and Seed
  • Grass and Big
  • Land and Seed
  • Life and Soil
  • Rain and Soil
  • Soil and Seed
  • Tree and Small
  • Water and Seed

We’ve found that going after rain and soil is the best route of these many choices. You will want to focus on making soil first.

How to make Soil

For soil, you want to go with the combination of earth and life. Earth is one of the starting elements, but life is tricky. You can combine water and air to make mist, followed by earth and earth to make land, land, and land to make a continent, and then continent and continent to make a planet. You then want to combine air with planet to create an atmosphere, which you’re going to use with water to make a cloud.

Now, combine fire and fire to make energy, and then give the energy to cloud to create a storm. A storm can be used with energy to become electricity, which you then give to a lake to create life. You can create Lake by combining water and water to make a pond, then incorporating pond and pond to manifest the lake. Now, with life and earth, you can make soil.

How to make Rain

The final thing you need to make is rain. You can do this by combining a cloud with water. You’ll now have rain and soil, and those can be combined to create a plant.

While making your way to soil can be a little tricky, we believe this is the quickest route to making it to plant.