Little Alchemy 2: How to Make Electricity & All Steps

Electricity is a critical element you can create in Little Alchemy 2, and this guide covers the fastest way to unlock it.

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You will spend time crafting multiple elements and resources in Little Alchemy 2. There are dozens of combinations to discover, and many of them are more difficult than others to progress through steadily.

For example, one of the later elements you’ll create is Electricity, and there are multiple pathways to reach this element. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to harness Electricity, despite the many combinations. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to make Electricity in Little Alchemy 2.

Every Step to Making Electricity in Little Alchemy 2

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With so many ways to make Electricity, you have multiple methods to unlock it and add it to your encyclopedia in Little Alchemy 2. These are all ways to unlock Electricity and add it to your board. I found that focusing on some of the smaller pieces, such as Metal, Lightning, Storms, Solar Cells, and Wind Turbines, were some of the better methods to do it faster and more effectively.

  • Light and Solar Cell
  • Metal and Lightning
  • Sandstorm and Wind Turbine
  • Solar Cell and Star
  • Steel and Lightning
  • Storm and Science
  • Storm and Wind Turbine
  • Sun and Solar Cell
  • Wind and Wind Turbine
  • Wind Turbine and Motion

We’ve found that the best way to unlock Electricity early is to focus on creating the Sun and the Solar Cell in Little Alchemy 2. These two are interlinked together and offer the quickest route to manifesting Electricity.

You want to focus on the Sun first. The best way to create the Sun is to combine Earth with Earth to create Land and then create Land and Land to create a continent. Once you have a continent, you must combine Water with Water to create a pond, a Pond with a Pond to make a lake, a Lake with a Lake to create a sea, and a Sea with a Sea to create an ocean. You can then combine the ocean with the continent to create a Planet. Alternatively, you can create a planet by combining the continent with a continent, but having the ocean and sea tiles are always good.

Now that you have a planet, all you need to do is combine Fire with a Planet to create the Sun. With the Sun element, you can combine that with Energy, which you can get by combining Fire and Fire. You should now have a Solar Cell, and you place that on the Sun to create Electricity.

Creating the Sun element in Little Alchemy 2 is one of the easier, larger components you want to do early in your playthrough. It’s a useful material to have as you explore the rest of your encyclopedia, and you primarily lean on the major elements you have at the beginning of every game, which is always good, and far easier than some of the other methods we’ve listed to create Electricity.