How to make money fast in Need for Speed Unbound

Cash rules everything around us.

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Cash in Need for Speed Unbound goes a long way. Money is needed in order to buy new clothes for an avatar, but also more importantly, buy and upgrade vehicles. The latter two points are greatly important, as car performance has a major effect on how well one can race out on the roads of Lakeshore City. So, how can you make money fast in Need for Speed Unbound? Here are some tips.

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How to get money fast in Need for Speed Unbound

Here are some tips on how to make money quickly in Need for Speed Unbound:

Play online

For the online portion of Need for Speed Unbound, just completing races will yield some cash that can be used toward beefing up rides. Each race does have a payout, and if you can have a good finish, the amount of money received upon completing a playlist will be increased.

Make sure to Meetup

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Now, let’s talk about the single-player portion of Need for Speed Unbound. Meetups will be key towards grinding for cash. Each Meetup has a cash prize, regardless of finish. But much like with online races, those who finish better will receive more.

Also, keep in mind that some Meetups will have buy-ins. You might be able to squeeze more cash out of these races, but be mindful you will need to meet the price to enter first.

Watch out for side missions

Throughout the campaign, you will be tasked with completing side missions. Make sure to select the option to accept these. “Side hustles” are a nice added method to making money, so take advantage whenever one pops up.

Complete challenges

If you enter the pause menu, you’ll be able to see the list of completed and incomplete challenges. Each challenge has a reward, with many featuring bank rewards. Some challenges have rewards as high as $25,000-$35,000, so it would be wise to check those out and start making progress.

Escape the cops

Dashing away from the police is vital to Need for Speed Unbound. Not only can the cops take away any cash not put away in the bank, but you’ll also be eligible for a reward each time you dot away. Also, be mindful that the more heat on the street that you have, the higher the reward. Make sure to stay on the gas when being chased by the cops.