How to do a drift in Need for Speed Unbound

Go all out when drifting.

Screenshot via Need for Speed YouTube

Need for Speed games are well-known for fast cars, and wild moves. One such move that is vital to learn in Need for Speed Unbound is the drift. Much like in other racing games, players can drift with cars that are found throughout Unbound. However, drifting is very important in Unbound, due to its effect that it can have on race performance. So, how can you do a drift in Need for Speed Unbound? Here’s what you need to know.

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How to drift in Need for Speed Unbound

Doing a drift in Need for Speed can be done by following these steps. Hold down LT (for Xbox) or L2 (for PlayStation) while driving to hit the brakes, and then use the left stick to turn the vehicle. If you have enough confidence to drift without braking, you can also do that just by turning and moving the vehicle with the left stick.

One key thing to know about drifts is that powerful and lengthy drifts do ultimately depend on how fast you are going, and how much you hit the brakes. The faster you are going, the more momentum the car will have, and thus, the better the drift will be. Second, don’t hold down on LT/L2 too long. As Need for Speed Unbound outlined prior to the game’s full release, doing so will cut down on the vehicle’s momentum. Hold LT/L2 down for about half of a second, and then use to the stick and control the car.

Drifts are important for a few reasons in Need for Speed. Not only are these moves incredibly stylish, but drifts also help fill and re-fill the Nitrous boost meter in Unbound. Drifts, much like jumps and other moves, do fill up this meter that affects speed boosts. The longer you can hold a drift, the more the meter will fill.