How to make Oobcoops and how do they work in Ooblets?

Make a suitable home for your Ooblets.

You can choose to have your Ooblet companions follow you around in your adventures in Ooblets, or you can have them work on your farm to give you some additional assistance. When you start to grow more and more, they will need a home to reside in under your care. You will want to create an Oobcoop that can house your Ooblet companions, giving them a place to call home while working on your farm.

You can craft an Oobcoop by visiting the Manatwee shop. It’s to the left of Mayor Tinstle, who usually is hanging outside next to the city center, dancing. There’s a machine to the left of the entrance that has multiple saws spinning at the front, and when you interact with it, you can craft an Oobcoop if you have: three clothlet, 15 nurny, 10 planklets, and one oobsidian.

Of the options, oobsidian may be the most difficult to find. You can find it by purchasing one from the wishywell for 100 wishies, it may randomly show up in town on the ground, and you can pick it up, or you may break rocks and find it underneath them. It’s a resource that takes a bit of exploring to locate. Once you have it, the Oobcoop will go directly into your inventory, and you can place it anywhere on your farm. With it, your Ooblets will perform tasks faster while on your farm.