How to marry Abigail in Stardew Valley

How to grow your relationship with Abigail in Stardew Valley.

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Courting NPCs in Stardew Valley is only one of the many activities you can pull off in the RPG simulator. To truly fall on the good graces of someone, you need to know them. Pinpointing the things they like while staying away from their dislikes is the best way to get them to marry you the fastest. In total, there are 12 NPCs you can marry in the game. This guide will focus on the lovable purple-haired Abigail.

How to friend and marry Abigail in Stardew Valley

Abigail lives with her parents, Pierre and Caroline, in the apartment behind Pierre’s Shop. To raise your relationship with her, you will need to give her gifts. You can give a max of two gifts a week and an extra one on Fall 13, which is her birthday. Any gift you deliver on her birthday will have eight times the normal effect of gifts and show a unique dialogue.


You cannot just give Abigail any gift and expect her to fall in love with you, however. Giving her the proper items will raise your heart level with her while giving her things she does not like will lower it.

Items that she loves include Amethyst, Cobbler, Chocolate Cake, Prismatic Shard, Pufferfish, Pumpkin, Rabbit’s Foot, and Spicy Eels.

She likes Beer, Cheese, Coffee, Cookie, Crocus, Diamond, Earth Crystal, Emerald, Blue Jazz, Tulip, Summer Spangle, Sweet Pea, Honey, Ice Cream, Jade, Pancakes, Maple Syrup, Mayonnaise, Pale Ale, Pizza, Quartz, Ruby, Salad, Spaghetti, Sunflower, Topaz, Trout Soup, and Wine.

Abigail is neutral towards Bread, Clam, Coral, Daffodil, Dandelion, Milk, and Rainbow Shells.

She dislikes All Vegetables, All Fruits, All Eggs, Blackberry, Jagaite, Joja Cola, Mussel, Nekoite, Obsidian, Orpiment, Oyster, Perch, Pine Cone, Poppy, Refined Quartz, Salmonberry, Sardine, Sugar, Thunder Egg, Wheat Flour, and Wild Horseradish.

And finally, she hates Algae, Clay, Copper Ore, Elven Jewelry, Golden Pumpkin, Sap, Slime, Stone, and Bone Flutes.


As you gain more hearts with Abigail, you will be able to participate in events to get closer to her.

After you have a two heart relationship, go to Pierre’s Shop on any day but Saturday. She will be playing a game called “Journey of the Prairie King” and will ask you to help her beat the level. It is a simple game, simply move around and shoot at the enemies coming in without you or Abigail getting hit.

At four hearts, walk by the lake on the way to the mines on a rainy day during any season except winter between noon and 7 PM. Abigail will be playing her flute in the rain. Talk to her to find out she came here to be alone, but she does not mind your company. At this point, you pull out a mini harp and will play a song with her.

Once you reach six hearts, enter Pelican Town from any direction between 9 PM and midnight on a day when it is not raining. Abigail will be sitting in the graveyard looking for privacy and practicing her swordplay. She will reveal that she wants to explore the mines. Tell her how you have used a sword before, and it is exciting, and she will admit she wants to go on an adventure. At this point, her dad comes from behind a tree, and Abigail will storm off with you in tow. Beautiful teenage rebellion.

At eight hearts, Abigail will send you a letter in the mail asking you to come to her room at 8 PM. When you get to her room, she will show you a spirit board. When you both place your hand on it, it will start to spell out that she has feelings for you. In embarrassment, she kicks you out. Go home and sleep, and she will be standing outside your door in the morning. At some point, buy a flower bouquet from Pierre’s Shop and give it to her to go from friends to in a relationship.

Once you hit ten hearts, go to mines or Quarry Mine between 5 PM and midnight. Abigail has built up the courage to go on her adventure until a large group of bats jump out at her. Confide in her that you get scared too, and she will mention how it is reasonable to be afraid when you have something to lose. She reveals her feelings to you, and you kiss each other in the mine.


After the previous cutscene plays out, give Abigail a Mermaid’s Pendant that you can buy from the Old Mariner for 5,000 gold. You can find him standing along the northside of the Eastern Beach during a rainy day. Presenting the Mermaid’s Pendant to her has her respond that she accepts, and she will set up the ceremony to happen in three days. After three days, the wedding ceremony will automatically take place.

After married, Abigail moves into your farmhouse and will set up an area behind the house where she will practice her flute. Keep your relationship with her up by interacting with her and giving her gifts. On certain days, she will offer you various items.

If you ever want to have children, upgrade your house to level three. In total, from level one to three, it will cost you 60,000 gold and 600 hardwood. Once at level three, Abigail will ask you if you want to have a child. If you choose yes, one will appear in the nursery after a few days and slowly grow up.