How to mute players in Splitgate

Let cooler heads prevail.

Image via 1047 Games

Splitgate combines Halo and Portal to provide players with an interesting and tactical first-person shooter. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to play nice, and sometimes you will run into a player that is better off on mute, so you can actually enjoy the game without listening to them.

The good news is that muting people in Splitgate is actually quite easy to do. When you are in a game, hit the Esc button to bring up a list of all the players that are in a game. You can then hover over any player on the list to populate an option to mute them.

If you decide that you might be a part of the problem, and are looking for a way to get off an open mic setup, you can also do that quite easily. First, you can set your comms to Team Only by going into the Settings menu, then Sound, then scrolling down to an Open Mic(Team Only) option, and checking the box beside it to ensure you can only talk to your own team.

This should stop any unwanted outbursts when you end up on the wrong end of a clever play and should help to keep lobbies a little bit cooler and friendlier.