How to navigate the Spider-Bot out of the secure room in Digging Up the Past mission in Watch Dogs: Legion

Quite a tricky escape.

How to navigate the spider bot out of the secure room in Digging Up the past mission in Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs: Legion starts off by showing the Zero-Day attack which led to the downfall of the DedSec. As you progress through the game and start rebuilding the DedSec, you are also required to investigate the Zero-day attack. In Digging the Past mission, you have to gather evidence about the attack from the TOAN attack site.

Once you are done gathering evidence from the TOAN attack site, you will be required to go to the New Scotland Yard to gather evidence. Infiltrating the area is pretty straightforward, however, once you are inside, you will be required to get the Spider-Bot out of a secure area. That can get quite tricky.

First of all, you need to hijack some cameras and get close to the Spider-Bot. Once you are close enough, you can just hack into it, and it will trigger a shock, making the enemy in the room unconscious. From there, you need to jump off the desk and you will find a square-shaped window near a green-screened monitor. Hop onto the table and use the window to proceed to the next room.

In the second room, you will find two glass panes on the right-hand side. Use the Spider-Bot to raise them. This will create a straight path on the right-hand side of the room. Jump on top of the glass panes and head straight on top of the yellow wires to reach the vents.

Keep going straight and you will reach another room where the vent leads to. This room is filled with pipes and AC units. You need to jump on top of the AC unit using the yellow pipes and keep going straight. You will find another vent that you need to open and get into.

Finally, you will reach a fan that you need to raise to get inside another vent, and after proceeding a bit further, you will drop down just beside your character. You will then lose control of the Spider-Bot and will be able to pick it up and proceed through the mission.