How to open the door in Chapter 3 of The Gunk

The game makes it more cryptic than it needs to be.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Gunk is home to a spectacular alien world, but after you save a beautiful animal, you are stopped in your tracks by a metal door. It’s time for some crafting.

After you observe the ancient statue and meet the animal in person, you are faced with a metal door that blocks you from further exploration. You’ll need a new tool for your power glove to overcome it. Behind you is a path above the river. Use your platforming skills to jump over the rocks and mushroom, and then use the vine to climb to a higher section. Cross the bridge and on your left is a fast travel station. However, before you do that, make sure you scan the inscription on the statue. This will help you gain more upgrades.

With the fast travel station, return to the campsite. After a cutscene plays, go to the ship’s workbench and make the Pulse Cannon. You’ll need to complete the upgrade bar four times to get it. It uses minimal resources to build, so you should be able to form it. And yes, you don’t need the Energy Lure, as the game seems to suggest.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Now, return to the Alien Ruins and go back to the door. Aim using the left trigger button at the yellow circle and press B. Your power glove will now fire a pulse, causing the door to open.