How to overload demon shields in Doom: Eternal

Destroy a demon’s shield and overload it, damaging other enemies in the process.

The demons in Doom: Eternal have a variety of Hellish weaponry available to them to try and take you down. An annoying defensive measure some of the demons have access to is a shield. They hold them in front of themselves or project it at a distance to block you off in a fight. The shields are troublesome to remove, and lowering them eats up a lot of your ammunition. Although, you have a useful weapon available to you to overload it.

The best weapon to use against these shields is the plasma rifle, the third weapon in your arsenal. While it does significantly more damage against shields than other weapons, you have the change for the shield to overload. You can see it happen with the standard shields the zombie soldiers hold in front of themselves while they shoot at you. When you fire at it continually, the ordinarily blue shield steadily turns purple, and then darker, and then becomes red. If you continue to hit it with the plasma rifle while it’s red, it explodes, causing an area of effect and damages the zombie holding it, including any other demons nearby. It’s a great way to destroy multiple opponents at once.

Other enemies you encounter in Doom: Eternal will also utilize a shield in combat, such as the Carcass and the Doom Hunter. The Carcass sends out a shield to block your path, or protect other demons you’re battling. While you can kill the Carcass fairly quickly, utilizing your plasma rifle to damage other demons is also a great strategy, especially if you need to complete any challenges. When you first fight a Doom Hunter, you always want to use the plasma rifle to lower its shield so you can start to damage it with the chaingun or the rocket launcher.

Overloading a demon’s shield is a great strategy. There are a handful of challenges you can complete doing this, so make sure you remain on the lookout for these shields and cause them to explode nearby other demons.