How to perform the Michigan deke in NHL 21

Master this fake out to dupe your opponent.

How to perform the Michigan deke in NHL 21

Image via EA Sports

Learning how to perform the best skills or dekes in NHL 21 is vital if you want to beat the world’s best players. They will also come in handy on the game’s harder difficulties, so it is worth practicing them so you can use them during matches.

One of the most difficult dekes to perform correctly is the Michigan. This move allows you to scoop the puck up and around opposition keepers and net you an impressive goal. If you want to know how you can master this brilliant but tough maneuver, we have got you covered.

To perform the Michigan as a left-handed player, pull the right thumbstick to the left-hand side. Press the L1 button on PlayStation 4, or the LB bumper on Xbox One, and hold it down. Click in on the right thumbstick, this is the R3 button if you are playing on PS4, and curl the stick through a 180-degree motion to the right-hand side. This brings the puck across your player using your hockey stick, before flicking back across yourself and behind you.

For right-handed players, you can follow the same procedure with a couple of tweaks. Push the right stick to the right-hand side, and then press and hold L1 or LB. Click in on the stick, and curl the stick through 180 degrees to the left-hand side. This performs the same motion as left-handed players, but it just works in the opposite direction.

It will take many attempts for you to master this move. Practice on an easier difficulty first, or NHL 21’s practice mode. Once you have got the hang of the Michigan, start using it on higher difficulties or in the game’s online mode.