How to perform the cloning glitch in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Prepare for trouble and make it double.

Screenshot via Gamepur

Glitching and cloning have always been part of Pokémon games through different generations, and the recently released Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are no different. Although not intended and official in any means, these glitches allow trainers to obtain rare Pokémon, items, and more that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

How to perform the cloning glitch

Even though Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl were recently released, glitches have already started to surface. Twitter user kevinfor5 has found a glitch that allows trainers to clone any Pokémon they wish. The glitch is as follows:

  • Head to the Day Care in Solacean Town.
  • Open your Pokémon box and put two of your Pokémon in the same position but in different boxes.
  • Once done, select any of the two Pokémon and put it in the Battle box. To open the Battle box, simply press X twice.
  • Talk to the Pokémon Nursery Lady, and she will ask if you want to leave any Pokémon in the Day Care. Select the Pokémon that is not in the Battle box and click on the Box List option below the Pokémon box. Here, swap the boxes of two Pokémon that you have put in the same position. Once done, leave the selected Pokémon with Day Care lady.
  • Open your Pokémon box again and register an unwanted Pokémon for the Battle box. The selected Pokémon will disappear once the cloning occurs, so it’s better to catch a random Pokémon from the wild for the process.
  • Now, select the Pokémon you want to clone and register it for the Battle box. Once inside the Battle box, select the Pokémon and check its summary. After you close the summary window, you’ll see two of the same Pokémon in your Battle Box.

Keep in mind this is a glitch and not an intended method by Nintendo. Furthermore, there is a high chance that the glitch will be removed in a hotfix or future update.