How to plant and grow trees in Valheim

You can grow them high and hit the sky.

When you don’t want to explore too far away from your main base of operations in Valheim, you have to consider the best way to make the resources more accessible from your chosen locations. The faster you can access an area, the easier it is to construct better equipment, gear and expand your exploration team. You can always bring the trees closer to you and plant them within your base for those running out of woods to harvest.

How to plant and grow trees

Much like harvesting and growing seeds for a garden to lay down some carrots, you’ll go through the same process of producing trees. The first step is to craft a cultivator, a gardening tool that gives players access to gardening. A cultivator requires five core wood and five bronze. Core wood is pretty easy to find, with bronze being the more problematic as it requires 10 pieces of refined copper ore and five pieces of tin. You can take those pieces of refined ore to your forge and meld those into bronze.

Once you have all of the ingredients, go to your forge to create your cultivator. The forge only needs to be at level one, so no upgrades are required.

With your cultivator in your inventory, go to any piece of land in your territory with a few seeds and plant those trees. You can only grow three types of trees: beech, fir, and pine. These trees only provide you with basic wood and core wood. While core wood doesn’t go into any early crafting recipes, it becomes a critical ingredient whenever you make most iron-based weapons, armor, and tools. We recommend having a hefty amount of this somewhere in your storehouse and making sure you can readily access it, or chop it down when you need it.