How to play co-op in PowerWash Simulator

Don’t cross the streams.

Image via Square Enix

PowerWash Simulator falls into a niche genre of games that’s increasingly begun to grow in popularity: job simulation. There’s a lot of variety in the jobs these types of games simulate. For example, House Flipper tasks you with every aspect of home renovation, from cleaning trash to installing plumbing. There are also more focused simulation games with a specific job in mind, such as Lawn Mowing Simulator. Even though the premise might seem bizarre, PowerWash Simulator can be a very relaxing experience, which you can now enjoy with your friends.

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First, it’s worth noting that co-op in PowerWash Simulator is currently limited to those on your Steam friends list — there’s no matchmaking with random players. Career Mode jobs can be completed with two players, but up to six people can undertake Free Play jobs together. Co-op can be enabled and disabled at any time during a job by bringing up your tablet.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Players can only join their friends once the host has started a job. Just click the button in the upper left of your tablet to enable co-op. If you’re wanting to join a friend instead, click the button in the upper right to hop into their game.