How to play Football Manager 2020 for free

Manage your team to glory.

Edge Magazine

In what is one of the world’s most popular PC simulator games, Football Manager 2020 allows you to take control of hundreds of teams around the world. Starting from the bottom and working your way up, or taking on a big team and going for instant glory, there’s plenty of freedom to play your way.

With hundreds of thousands of real-life players for you to check out and transfer, a deep tactical system for tense matches, and in-depth social interactions, it’s now possible to get even to the experience of a real-life manager in the beautiful game.

All of this is backed up by hundreds of community mods that include fixes to issues and content to add hundreds of hours to the game. And now, you can claim a free copy to keep forever on the Epic Game Store for a limited time.

To claim your copy of the game, you will need an Epic Games account and the Epic Games Launcher installed or the Epic Game store website open. Once completed, head to the store tab on the left, and scroll down until you see a section titled ‘free games’. Here, you will see an option for Football Manager 2020 that you can click on. 

Epic Game Store free games.

Once in the game’s information page, you will see an option to purchase for free. Click here and finalize the purchase. As there is no charge for the game, the store will not ask you for any payment information. It should now be in your library to install. The store also has the add-on available to purchase the in-game editor, which will allow you to adjust settings and stats while playing.

Something that you should be wary of is that unlike the Steam version of the game, there is currently no option to install the game’s full editor to make database adjustments. However, it will not stop you from downloading and using others found within the community.

The game will be available to claim until September 24.