How to play Morty in MultiVersus – Moves, strategies, perks, and more

Ah geez, you should learn how to use me better, man.

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Morty is the quirkiest character in MultiVersus yet. He has good offense and amazing recovery options but making it all work can be quite tricky. Here’s all you need to know about using Morty’s moves and perks.

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Morty’s key abilities and how to use them

It’s A Grenade, I Think / Yep, That’s A Grenade (Neutral Special)

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This move is the same whether you use it on the ground or in the air. Morty tosses a grenade and the distance changes based on how long you cook it. There’s a timer before the grenade actually detonates, making this a very good zoning tool and edge guard. Morty can throw three before needing a cooldown.

Power of Earth / Another Portal? (Side Special)

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Unlike the previous attack, this is completely different depending on where you use it. On the ground, Morty will cause dirt to erupt, and you can aim along the ground to choose where it’ll burst from. Hit a grenade with it, and it’ll split the grenade in two. Once again, this will give you a great way to control a platform and its edges.

Screenshot by Gamepur

When using his side special in the sky, Morty will hang for a moment as he peers through a portal. You can then aim where you want him to reemerge. The exit portal will remain for a moment, speeding up any friendly projectiles that go by (including your grenades). This is one of three fantastic recovery options at Morty’s disposal — he’s a slippery one.

Uh, Auto-Pilot? (Up Special)

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This is the second recovery option. When activated, it summons Rick’s spaceship as a platform that carries you upward. Pop this whenever you fall into a pit to stay in the game.

Temporal Back-Up (Down Special)

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Finally, Morty’s down special is yet another fantastic recovery option. When activated, it creates a “save point” that you’ll automatically warp back to after a moment. You can also press the same button to instantly zip back, leaving a grenade wherever you just were. Furthermore, warping back heals Morty, and if your partner gets rung out while the move is active, they’ll teleport back to you instead of actually dying. You should keep this active as often as possible — it’s a literal lifeline.

Best Morty perks

Morty’s grenades are projectiles, so the more you can do to boost their effectiveness, the better. Deadshot is good for this, and Morty’s unique perk Oh That’s Still A Grenade will crank things up even more. Because of the cooldowns tied to many of these moves, Coffeezilla is also a good choice.