How to play Mute in Rainbow Six Siege: gadget, weapon, and more

Utilizing one of Siege’s original defenders.

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As one of the first operators you’ll be able to play as in Rainbow Six Siege, Mute is an excellent choice to have on any defending team’s roster. Of course, the character doesn’t exactly have the flashiest weapons or abilities, but he is undoubtedly one of the easiest to get accustomed to in terms of playstyle. Here’s how you’ll need to build your loadout for Mute to ensure he’s one of the most dominant operators on the field.


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For those just starting out, the significance of Mute comes from his ability to drop four Signal Disruptors during any given round. Essentially, wherever these jammers are placed, the opposing team will not be able to use any electronic tools or drones within its vicinity. Thus, you’ll definitely want to set these behind entrances that hold the objective. For more advanced players, we advise you plant any leftover disruptors on nearby stairs. If this is done and you halt an enemy drone, you’ll have a better idea of where the enemy team is looking to go.

As for your additional gadget of choice, the Bulletproof Camera makes for a near-perfect pairing with the disruptor. When the disruptor catches a drone, the opposing team tends to go in that direction — ultimately believing that the disruptor was put there to guard the objective. With your Bulletproof Camera attached to a wall facing the disruptor, you can use it to confirm whether the enemy is coming and plan your attack before the other team even knows you’re there.


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Despite Mute having the almighty 590A1 shotgun, you’ll need something that proves handy in both short and medium-range situations. We’ve found that calming the MP5K’s recoil, while also giving it respectable zoom capabilities, makes it incredibly hard to pass up. As it does have a low magazine, you’ll want to choose the SMG-11 as your secondary weapon to finish off the job. Here’s what your full list of guns and attachments should be to complete Mute’s best loadout.

  • MP5K
    • Sights: Scope 1.5x
    • Barrel: Flash Hider
    • Underbarrel: none
  • SMG-11:
    • Sights: Holographic
    • Barrel: Suppressor
    • Grip: Vertical Grip
    • Underbarrel: Laser

As we’ve said before, utilizing Mute’s gadgets together to know an enemy’s location beforehand is the key to succeeding. Thus, we’ve opted not to have a laser underbarrel on the MP5K, as enemies may spot it and track down where it’s coming from. However, as the SMG-11 should only be pulled out in the midst of a firefight, having the laser applied here shouldn’t be a problem.

Tricks to succeeding with Mute

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Unfortunately, as most players know, gadgets can only get you so far in Rainbow Six Siege. Beyond these tools and weapons, anybody playing as Mute should do justice to the character’s immense speed. When a round starts and your disruptors are set near the objectives, we’ve found it best to then rush down to popular enemy entryways as soon as possible. Of course, you don’t stand out in the open. Instead, place the bulletproof camera near the entrance and sit in a safe, nearby room watching for an enemy to sneak in.

Lastly, another great strategy for luring in enemies is by using the disruptors as decoys. With the game rewarding enemies XP for destroying your equipment, it’s actually wise to have one of these out in the open. Although the opposing team may think differently and shoot it without a second thought, this will result in you being able to piece together where they are located.

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