How to play with friends in online multiplayer in Super Mario Party

Take the party online.

Image via Nintendo

A Super Mario Party update enables it so you and your friends can play the game together in an online multiplayer mode. You’ll be able to participate in dozens of minigames and compete to see who is the best Mario Party player using your favorite character. You can play the Mario Party and Partner Party modes from the online mode. Every player who plans to participate will need an online connection, a Nintendo Account, and a subscription to the Nintendo Online service.

Make sure you’ve updated Super Mario Party to the latest version on your Nintendo Switch. You will need to have done this before joining a game or accepting an invite to play one. Updating to the latest version does require that you have an internet connection.

To start a game of Super Mario Party online, look at the option of the main menu to create an open or private match. If you set a private match, everyone you wish to invite will need to know your set’s password. When you leave the match open, anyone playing Super Mario Party online can join your game.

Once you the password set and you’ve shared it with everyone in your party, you can invite them to your game and have them join the match lobby. Once everyone has joined the game, you can pick the characters you want to play and compete to see who comes out on top.