How to pre-register for Street Fighter: Duel

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Image via Crunchyroll Games

Street Fighter: Duel is a free-to-play mobile RPG game where 40 characters from the fighting franchise make an appearance. You’ll need to make a team of three fighters and level them up to defeat your opponents in real-time RPG combat. The change in the genre has many players intrigued and wanting to get their hands on the game, and with the release imminent, it has people wondering: how can they pre-register for Street Fighter: Duel?

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How to sign up for Street Fighter Duel

To pre-register for Street Fighter: Duel, you’ll need to go to either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and search for the game. Once you find it, you should see a button to pre-register for it. Hit that button, and you’re all set. Once the game releases in February, you’ll be notified and able to install the game on release day.

All pre-registration rewards for Street Fighter Duel

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Following in the steps of other free-to-play games, Crunchyroll Games is offering pre-registration rewards. For simply pre-registering, you will receive cash, gems, an avatar frame, and a character box. In addition, there are rewards that will be given to players upon the game’s launch if they reach certain milestones. There are five tiers that can be unlocked. Here are all the pre-registration rewards for Street Fighter: Duel:

  • Tier One: 50,000 Players – 3,000 Cash, 20 Gems, 60 B-Grade Fragments
  • Tier Two: 100,000 Players – 5,000 Cash, 50 Gems, 20 A-Grade Fragments
  • Tier Three: 500,000 Players – 7,000 Cash, 80 Gems, Three Arcade Coins
  • Tier Four: 800,000 Players – 9,000 Cash, 80 Gems, One Big Fighter EXP
  • Tier Five: 1 Million Players – 10,000 Cash, 300 Gems, Five Arcade Coins