All commentators in Street Fighter 6

What a hit!

Image via Capcom

Street Fighter 6 is coming in 2023. It’s headed to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC as expected, but it’ll also be available for Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. It’s the first time a new Street Fighter game has come to Xbox in more than a decade, but that’s not the only big change. Street Fighter 6 is also getting real-time commentary; but which personalities is this feature bringing in?

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Real-time commentary in Street Fighter 6, explained

Until this point, commentary for fighting games is by and large reserved for real-world tournaments with live announcers. Street Fighter 6 will be baking their color commentary right into the game this time. According to the PlayStation Blog, Capcom is “working with well-known fight game community commentators and other recognizable faces to incorporate their voices directly into the game.”

As with sports game commentary, the goal here is to both add flavor and offer tips and strategies during each fight. So far, two commentators have been named — one for English speakers and another for Japanese — though Street Fighter 6 will also offer subtitles in 13 languages. Below are the commentators who’ve been named so far.

Announced Street Fighter 6 commentators

Jeremy “Vicious” Lopez

Lopez is covering English commentary in Street Fighter 6. He’s a lifelong player of the series, and he currently hosts and commentates for Street Fighter League and Capcom Pro Tour. The list of playable characters in Street Fighter 6 is small right now (more have since leaked), but Lopez often jokes about playing Sagat’s stunt double due to their resemblance.


Aru is doing commentary in Japanese, though he’s appeared at Street Fighter events all over the world. Beyond 20 years’ worth of fighting game commentary, he’s also made the rounds on Japanese TV, radio, and streams. Prior to his hosting career, he was a competitive player too. He’d probably have thoughts on our list of seven Street Fighter veterans we want to see in the new game.