How to quickly earn capitale in Red Dead Online

Here’s how you can quickly earn stacks of capitale in Red Dead Online

Image via Rockstar Games

Red Dead Online’s latest update, Blood Money, added the game’s first heist. Players can’t just waltz right into it though, there’s a catch. Instead of doing setup missions, like in GTA Online, players have to pay for a heist with a new currency called capitale. The game intends for you to earn capitale by looting it from houses, off of criminal’s corpses, or by completing contract missions. However, there’s a much easier way to earn a sizable amount of capitale quickly.

As part of the Blood Money update, players can take on Contracts, multi-part missions that build up to a small reward of capitale. One of these missions is titled The Railroad Contract, and it has a small bug that makes it possible to farm capitale quickly and easily.

First, you’ll have to progress through the first two missions of The Railroad Contract. They’re not too difficult and don’t take too long, so it should be no problem to breeze through them. Once you’re on the third part of the mission, you’re ready to start farming.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The final part of The Railroad Contract requires that players capture a railroad director and take him to a member of the mob. In his pockets are three capitale, free for the player to take once he’s hogtied. Except he’s never going to make it to the mafia.

At the start of the mission, ride up to the foreman and take him out, then quickly loot his body. There will be some other enemies around, including lawmen, but if you’re quick they shouldn’t pose a threat. Afterwards, follow the trail to the train station by the MacFarlane’s farm. You’ll find the railroad director there, getting away on a train. Catch up to it, and instead of capture the foreman, kill him on the spot. Do this when no other enemies are around so you can loot his corpse for three capitale quickly. After looting him, immediately open the game’s pause menu, go to the online section, and pick the “Crimes” option.

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you were quick enough, you’ll load back into the game in front of a Blood Money NPC and there won’t be a cooldown on tackling the third part of The Railroad Contract, where you can continue killing the railroad director for three capitale.