How to recruit Isurd as a hero in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

A new hero appears.

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There are plenty of heroes to unlock in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. You may have a party of six that you command throughout the game, but you can get additional heroes to take up the role of the seventh member. There are 19 heroes for you to find in total and while some might appear during the story, you will need to search for the others. One of the ones you will be searching for is Isurd. His quest is a short one, but it is well worth the search.

Where to find Isurd

The game briefly mentions that you should do some backtracking after you make a decent amount of progress in the campaign. This is because the colonies you visit change as the story progresses and you can find additional quests in them as well as information.

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During chapter three, you will end up in Colony Lambda in the Pentelas region. This colony is hidden in a cave surrounded by a waterfall. After completing this chapter, you will move on to the Keves Castle region. Instead of progressing through the campaign, do a little bit of backtracking to Colony Lambda. Go into Isurd’s quarters next to the Clearwater Shelf resting site. You will find Isurd inside.

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How to recruit Isurd

After speaking to Isurd, you will start his quest called Unwavering Resolve. This hero quest takes place in the nearby Urayan Tunnels. It turns out that there has been a cave-in and you need to go check it out. Head into the tunnels and check for any survivors. During the quest, you will fight a few enemies deep in the mines.

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Once you are done clearing out the mine, make your way back to the commander’s office in Colony Lambda to initiate the second part of the quest. This time, you will take part in a quick fight just outside of the colony in a nearby cave. Once that fight is over, the quest will be complete and you will unlock Isurd as a hero. Taion is Isurd’s class inheritor.