How to recruit new employees for your businesses in Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Find employees all over the city.

In Chapter 5 of Yakuza: Like a Dragon, Kasuga becomes the president of a small business during Ijincho’s Safety Net side quest. There’s a big tutorial break down how the management system works and how to attend board meetings. It’s an extensive mini-game, but there are plenty of rewards around it, such as unlock a new party member and gaining quite a bit of yen. A way you’ll need to prosper and succeed at this mini-game to make it to the top spot is to hire high-quality employees.

There are two ways for you to obtain employees. The first and easiest way is to wait for the end of each business cycle. That means you need to complete a full business day or attend a board meeting. Typically at the end and before a new business cycle, a few new employees become available for you to hire in the employee menu. You can choose who you want to pick and add them to one of your shops.

Although this section does not always update, or you might not find any of the employees to help your businesses succeed. Another good way to recruit new and potentially better employees is to explore the streets of Yokohama. You can interact with some people in Yokohama who are willing to apply for your company, especially when they’re down on your luck. Some employees may require a particular item from you before agreeing to join you. Once you retrieve that item, they’ll be available for higher.

The employees you have to go the extra mile for are usually a good option to go with. They’re an excellent way for you to potentially increase your net profits, increasing your chances of earning even more money.