How to recruit Pierre in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition

One of three choices.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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After reaching Termina and speaking with Korcha, you will have to head back to the entrance of the city and head north. Here, you will meet an old man polishing the Viper Statue. He will go on about receiving an invite to the Viper Manor, and let you know that you’re not getting in. After wrapping up his dialogue (and recruiting Kid if you hadn’t already,) you will now need to find a guide to the Viper Manor. Here’s how to recruit Pierre in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition.

Screenshot by Gamepur

First off, there are technically three guides to choose from — but choosing one will lock the other two out entirely on this playthrough. The three guides are Guile the magician, Nikki the rocker, and Pierre the vain swordsman. You will be able to obtain items related to them on any file, but you cannot obtain them all without loading a completed game file into a Continue+ file after clearing the game. If you wish to recruit all three, it’s recommended that before choosing, you instead create three save files and recruit each of them on a new file before continuing. You can play through any of these files first, but Guile is the strongest of the three and will help you immensely if you’re new to Chrono Cross.

Pierre can be found at the Blacksmith. Head inside the Smithy, located in the header image of this article, and then head down through the doorway. Inside this spare room you will find Pierre, and talking to him reveals that he cannot go to the Viper Manor without his trusty Hero’s Medal. Head down again, this time to the yard outside the Smithy and talk to the kid running around. He stole the medal and returns it to you. Head back to Pierre, and open up your Key Item menu with Square (PS4/5), X (Xbox), or Y (Switch) to give him the Hero’s Medal. He will now join your party.