How to recruit Pokémon in Pokémon Café Mix

Get by with a little help from your friends.

Pokémon Cafe Mix

Working when you’re enjoying yourself with friends is hardly working at all, right? That’s why when spending your time making a whole host of treats for your customers, it hardly seems like working at all. In Pokémon Café Mix, not only can you make orders for some of your favorite Pokémon, but with enough time you can recruit them to help you in your cafe escapades.

But in order to actually recruit the various Pokémon that come and visit the cafe for a snack, you must fulfill a certain number of successful orders for them. Each time you complete an order, the friendship meter for that Pokémon will go up, with the friendship threshold showing on the meter.

Pokémon Cafe Mix Charmander

The first Pokémon you can recruit, for example, is Charmander, who has a friendship bar of three points. Max out the bar to three points by fulfilling three of its orders, and the Pokémon will express an interest in helping out with the cafe. From here, you can pick between different Pokémon as the “leader” who can offer different power-ups for the puzzle element of the game, with each specializing in the different areas of the cafe. Charmander’s specialty is drinks, which is the focus earlier on in the game. 

All of the other Pokémon can be recruited in the same way with different amounts of the friendship bar to fill, though you have to play through a certain amount of game fulfilling orders before they appear at your café and you can begin fulfilling their orders to recruit them. There are also some Pokémon that will appear after purchasing them. For example, the Special Pikachu Pack will add Pikachu to the game, though whether it is worth paying to add is up to you.