How to Regain XP After Dying in Jedi: Fallen Order


Jedi: Fallen Order is not going to hold back the difficulty for those who want to play on the Jedi Master or Jedi Grand Master difficulty. Sometimes things happen, and players are going to have Cal during their playthrough. When Cal dies, he loses all of the experience points (XP) he’s gained between meditation points.

However, players have the chance to regain some of them back. To do so, after they die, they need to return to the location where they perished and find the creature that took them out.

These creatures are going to be easy to spot. After returning to the location where you died, the creature who took you out is going to have a golden aura around their body. Start a fight with them, and if you land a blow, you’re to regain a small portion of your XP back, along with a little bit of health and force points for those respective pools.

For players familiar with the Dark Souls game are going to know about dying and having to regain their XP.

If you’re finding yourself dying consistently against a boss or having trouble fighting the enemies in a location, feel free to lower the difficulty of the game. You can do this at any time during your game.

Make sure to explore each planet you visit because you’re bound to find several fierce enemies to fight. If you die, you know how to get some of your XP back, and you can try again.