How to remove bots in CS:GO

Never deal with these annoying A.I. again.


Bots in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive can be a real annoyance in private servers. Whether you’re trying to find a new grenade spot or line of sight, bots usually disrupt your private matches. The A.I. gets put on both the Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist side, meaning they’re on your team regardless.

Most of the time, players don’t want the bots on the map. Of course, if you’re a newer player trying to learn the ropes, they can be a beneficial tool to prepare you for real players. However, in most scenarios, bots are an unwanted presence. Today, we’ll be going over how to remove some or all of the bots from a private CSGO match.

Image via CSGO.

The first thing you’ll want to do is open the console with the default keybind, being “~” Once you have that open, type “mp_limitteams 1” and hit enter. Doing this ensures that no bot can re-enter the game after you’ve removed them.

Finally, you’ll want to stay in the console and enter “bot_kick” to remove every bot from the map. If you want to remove all of the bots from a certain side, type in “bot_kick ct” or “bot_kick t” depending on which side you want to remove them from.

Entering these commands to the console in CSGO will remove all bots from a private match and ensure they don’t join back.