How to repair broken fences in Jurassic World Evolution 2

Ensure the walls are secure.

Image via Frontier Developments

When dangerous weather rolls into your research facility, not every fence and enclosure will be built to withstand it in Jurassic World Evolution 2. Every so often, a section of your wall will break, and a dinosaur is going to escape, potentially becoming going on a rampage. Hopefully, you have emergency shelters in place when this happens. After everyone is inside and you’ve dealt with the rampaging dinosaur, it’s time to repair the broken fences.

You’ll be able to tell when a fence is broken, indicated by the red wrench icon above the section. You’ll be able to tell a fence is broken when you see a dinosaur running around your campus, potentially causing trouble to your facility workers.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After you’ve discovered the broken fence, you need to assign one of your Ranger teams to the fence. Similar to having Ranger scan a dinosaur or handle other duties around your facility, you can have them repair fences. It will cost a specific amount of money and a little bit of fuel. Based on their task order, the Ranger team will drive over to the fence and promptly repair it. The more Ranger teams you have on standby, the more repairs you can do at once. You’ll want to make sure to finish these repairs before bringing dinosaurs back to their enclosures.