How to repair buildings in Kenshi

Home sweet dusty home.

Image via Lo-Fi Games

Kenshi is an open-world game that lets the player have all the freedom in the world. Set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, you will be setting goals for yourself without any narrative in the game to lead you by the hand. You can be a wasteland explorer and nomad, or more traditionally, look for a shelter to set up as your base of operations. There are plenty of buildings scattered around the world, all abandoned and ruined and just waiting for a new occupant. Those buildings are found in towns that have started recovering, and that’s where you can swoop in and purchase them. But almost all such buildings will need some sprucing up before they’re fully functional. This guide will explain how to repair your buildings in Kenshi.

How to repair houses in Kenshi

Before setting about purchasing and repairing a house in Kenshi, you want to make sure that you have a good amount of Cats in your pocket — the in-game currency of the world. Some of the ways to build up a bank are to collect and sell ore and scavenged items from around the world until you’ve earned a nice surplus that you can splash.

When you get to a town where you want to buy a building, you can left-click on the one you like to bring up a menu that will tell you the purchasing price. Once you’ve found that you like (or can afford), you can purchase it, and after that, you can right-click on the building to begin the reparation process by clicking the “Repair” button.

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This will form a grid over the building and give you information about the building materials you will need to repair it. You can either purchase those materials from merchants in town (at a premium of around 110 Cats each) or go out and scavenge them yourself. Remember that the size of the building also determines the amount of material you will need to repair it fully. Once the repair is initiated, your character will begin working on the building.

After you’ve gathered all the needed materials and fully repaired the structure, you will have a house to call your own and arrange everything you need before setting out to explore once again.